The DSS Data Exchange Framework A new approach for streamlined programme performance reporting

The DSS Data Exchange Framework (the ‘Framework’) outlines the new approach to programme performance reporting in grant agreements. The name ‘DSS Data Exchange’ reflects the two-way focus on both smarter and more efficient ways of collecting data from service providers, and more useful reporting back of data about the outcomes achieved for individuals, families and communities.

This document outlines the key concepts and high-level requirements associated with the DSS Data Exchange Framework. It is intended to be used as the key reference document for the new approach to programme performance reporting.

Separate to this Framework, two other documents will be published to support implementation.

  • The DSS Data Exchange Protocols (The Exchange Protocols) is a support manual intended to guide the consistent implementation the Framework. The Exchange Protocols provide practical information for Boards, managers and front-line staff to assist them to integrate the new consolidated data definitions and requirements into existing service and administrative practices. 
  • The DSS Data Exchange Technical Specifications provide technical details about the data format and system requirements and are primarily aimed at IT managers and systems developers. 

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