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As part of a new way of working, the Department is implementing improved programme performance reporting processes in grant agreements.  These arrangements are supported by a new and simple-to-use IT system, known as the DSS Data Exchange.

The DSS Data Exchange will accommodate the sector’s varying business processes regardless of a provider's size, type or delivery focus.  It will support system to system transfers, bulk uploads from an organisations' own systems and can be used like a client management system through the free web-based portal.

Data requirements are divided into two parts: a small set of mandatory priority requirements, and a voluntary extended data set that providers can choose to share through the DSS Data Exchange in exchange for relevant and meaningful reports to help inform service delivery, known as the partnership approach.

Practical guidance is now available to help service providers apply concepts in the DSS Data Exchange Framework. Please refer to the DSS Data Exchange Protocols. The DSS Data Exchange is being progressively implemented over the next 12 months. Key dates from a technical perspective are:

  • July 2014: DSS Data Exchange web based portal goes live with the priority requirements
  • Sept 2014: DSS Data Exchange Technical Specifications (to support system to system transfers and bulk uploads)
  • March 2015: DSS Data Exchange portal upgraded to support data collection under the partnership approach

How to access DSS Data Exchange web based portal

Step 1

To use the DSS Data Exchange web based portal an organisation will need to register with AUSkey.

  • AUSkey is a secure login that identifies you when you use participating government online services on behalf of a business.  All government agencies are required to implement AUSkey for all new business to government transactions.
  • AUSkey is administered by the Australian Business Register.
  • Prior to requesting a DSS Data Exchange user account your organisation must be registered with AUSkey and individual account holders must be issued an AUSkey certificate.

If you are not already registered for AUSkey, further information about how to register is available on the Australian Business Register website.

Step 2

Complete the DSS Data Exchange user access request form and email the form to dssdataexchange.helpdesk@dss.gov.au.

Support to use the DSS Data Exchange

A package of self service training material is available to assist users of the DSS Data Exchange web based portal. This includes a User Guide and Task Cards.

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