New Community Grants Hub

The Community Grants Hub started operating on 1 July to simplify the grant experience for service providers, the community and the Government.

The Hub website offers information about grant opportunities for community services from the Department of Social Services (DSS) and other Commonwealth Government agencies. The website also offers easy to understand information to help organisations apply for and manage grants. All DSS grant opportunities will be advertised on the website and, information about other community grants may be advertised and accessed through the Hub website, as other Commonwealth Government agencies join the Hub.

The Hub has been designed to include easy to navigate features including allowing users to narrow search criteria for upcoming grant rounds. The Hub offers information to both grant applicants and recipients about:

  • grant opportunities
  • products, and
  • policies.

The DSS “MailChimp” subscription service that sends out email messages about grant opportunities will operate on both the DSS and Hub websites until the end of 2016, when the service will be available from the Hub website only. It will continue to be operated by DSS. Subscribers will be advised of the change and offered the opportunity to opt out of the new service.

Over time, service providers will be able to access information about all community grant opportunities from this single source, as opposed to separate departmental websites.

Organisations interested in DSS grants are encouraged to subscribe to receive the latest information about Hub updates and other grant alerts.

Information about DSS grants will continue to be found on this webpage for the rest of the year.

What is the Community Grants Hub?

The Community Grants Hub is the result of a whole of Government initiative to streamline grant processes across agencies into a centre of excellence.

The Hub offers a streamlined grant service so that:

  • service providers can find out about, and apply for, Commonwealth Government funding at a single point
  • grant applicants will have a consistent experience – they will know what information they will be expected to provide and how the process operates each time they apply for funding
  • agencies can focus on their core business of policy development
  • the community can expect best practices in the Government’s administration of grant processes, including by making processes simpler and more cost effective.

What can agencies, service providers and the community expect from the Hub?

  • Client focus and support
  • Quality services
  • Knowledge and experience

Community Grants Hub Website

The Community Grants Hub website offers service providers information about Commonwealth Government grant opportunities and helpful information to support organisations seeking or managing grants to deliver community services and support.  

All DSS grants are now advertised on the Community Grants Hub website and organisations are encouraged to subscribe to receive Hub updates and other grant alerts.  Subscribers to DSS alerts will now receive updates from the Hub.

Contacting the Community Grants Hub

Please contact the Community Grants Hub if you would like further information or to offer feedback.

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