Activity Work Plan Reports

Generally you will be required to report against your Activity work Plan (AWP) twice a year, in a mid-year Progress Report and Annual Service Stocktake.

AWP reports will be submitted as an attachment to the Service Stocktake. A standardised AWP report template must be used unless you have agreed with your DSS grant agreement manager on an alternate format.

While this report meets accountability requirements under the grant, it is also intended to support a dialogue between you and your DSS grant agreement managers. It will help share information to facilitate conversations about your organisations service delivery. It will also be used to tailor future Activity Work Plans to meet emerging community needs and changing environmental factors to achieve program outcomes.

Filling in the AWP report template

To complete the Activity Work Plan Report you will need a copy of your most recent approved Activity Work Plan.

All AWPs have a section for Activity Deliverables; and some will also have Risk Management, Budget and Stakeholder sections. Under each section there are line items that you need to report against in your AWP. Below is some advice on what type of information should be provided for each section.

Section: Activity Deliverables

  • Report if a deliverable is complete or in-progress (Status);
  • A summarised progress report for the deliverable; and
  • Performance against measures of success.

Section: Risk Management

  • Report if a risk has been realised, what actions were taken and the result

Section: Budget

  • The amount expended against the budgeted item

Section: Stakeholder

  • Progress report against engagement with the identified stakeholders
  • Reports can cover things like how your relationship with the stakeholder has changed in the period and how this change impacts service delivery.

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