Accounting for the Grant/Your Financial Reporting Requirements

Financial reporting is an essential reporting requirement in DSS Grant Agreements.  It provides assurance to the Department that the grant provided has been used in an efficient, effective and ethical manner and in accordance with the Grant Agreement.

  • Financial reporting must be provided for each grant provided by DSS.
  • The level of assurance required in your financial reporting may differ depending on the requirements of each activity we fund.

Where can you find your Organisation financial reporting requirement?

The financial reporting requirements are specified in your Grant Agreement

When is your financial reporting due?

The due date of your Organisation’s financial reporting is specified in your Grant Agreement.

  • The due date for financial acquittal reports is three to four months after the activity end date, to allow sufficient time for grant recipients to prepare the necessary financial information and meet any audit requirements.
  • The due date for a financial declaration is usually one month after the activity end date.

Please contact your Grant Agreement Manager as soon as possible:

  • If your Organisation is unable to provide reports by the due date; or
  • If your Organisation has multiple grants and would prefer a single reporting date.

Your financial reporting requirement for each DSS grant will be one of the following:

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