Settlement Services Career Pathways Pilot


Application period


The Community Grants Hub, on behalf of the Department of Social Services (DSS), invited providers via a restricted process to apply to deliver services under the Families and Communities Program – Settlement Services – Career Pathways Pilot from 2016-2017 to 2018-2019.

For refugee and humanitarian entrants, grants for settlement services build upon the foundation services provided by Humanitarian Settlement Services, by delivering settlement services that assist eligible participants to become fully-functioning members of society.  As a consequence, the grants promote social cohesion and productive diversity within the Australian community.

The Commonwealth Government allocated funding in the 2016 Federal Budget for a Career Pathways Pilot for humanitarian entrants. The Pilot will provide targeted, early intervention assistance to help newly arrived humanitarian entrants who have skills and/or qualifications and vocational English language proficiency.

The Pilot will be implemented in six locations across Australia: Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth, Hobart and Toowoomba.

More information

More information about the services under the Families and Communities Program – Settlement Services – Career Pathways Pilot as well as requirements for Applicants can be found in the following documents:

  • Program Guidelines Overview
  • Funding Round Summary
    • This funding round requires that attachments specified in the Funding Round Summary must be provided with your Application.
    • For instructions on how to attach attachments, please see the Frequently Asked Questions (Q7 of the Applications and Selections Processes section).
    • If you do not attach the documents asked for in the Funding Round Summary, your Application may not be assessed.

Please note:

Please only attach documents that have been requested.  For this round, please attach the following:

  • Application Form - Eligibility Requirements section – please attach documents that confirm your legal entity type; and
  • Completed budget template at Attachment A.

Contacting the Community Grants Hub

If you require assistance please call the Community Grants Hub Hotline on 1800 020 283 and/or

Please quote the following number 2016-587 – Settlement Services Career Pathways Pilot when you phone or email the Community Grants Hub.

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