National Disability Conference Initiative 2015-16


Application period


General enquiries:

1800 625 136

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1800 020 283


1800 555 677

This funding round has now closed. Feedback for this funding round is available below.

The National Disability Conference Initiative (NDCI) 2015-16 is provided under the Disability and Carer Support Activity.  The NDCI aims to assist conference organisers to maximise the inclusion and participation of people with disability at nationally focused disability-related conferences in Australia.  The funding can be used for a range of assistance types such as accessible materials, live captioning service loops, conference fees etc.

Funding will be offered to approximately 35 organisations as a result of this process for the period 1 July 2015 to 30 June 2016.

More information

Additional information about the NDCI can be found in the Programme Guideline Suite:

  • Funding Round Summary provides detailed information on the funding round, including the amount available and eligibility requirements.
  • Programme Guidelines Overview provides information about how grants are funded for this program.
  • Questions and Answers specific to this funding round.
  • Streamlined Grant Agreement General Grant Conditions which includes the general grant conditions that you will agree to if successful in receiving funding.

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