Grant Programs

The Department of Social Services (DSS) grant arrangements include three streamlined programs based on common social policy functions.

The programs have been designed to streamline services to make the most of common client needs, reduce duplication and ensure the most effective and efficient approaches are used to address community needs in line with Government priorities. Key to the grant arrangements is a reduction in regulation and reporting and providing an opportunity for innovation and collaboration in the delivery of services so providers have greater control over how they meet the particular needs of their clients and communities.

Funding is allocated to ensure support is provided to the most vulnerable Australians, in areas where there is greatest need. In line with the Commonwealth Grant Rules and Guidelines, a list of DSS funded organisations is available from the Grants Awarded page on GrantConnect.

Program guidelines and other relevant documentation for individual programs can be accessed from the below links. Program guidelines provide the starting point for organisations considering whether to participate in a program as they describe the aims and objectives of each activity and outline eligibility requirements.

Please note, that while the guidelines on this page are still current, any new DSS programs will be covered under the new grant opportunity guidelines. The new grant opportunity guidelines are a whole of government initiative by the Department of Finance to streamline grants administration. New grant opportunity guidelines, when they become available, will be published on the Community Grants Hub website and GrantConnect.

The three current grant programs are:

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