Grant Programmes

The Department of Social Services (DSS) grant arrangements include seven streamlined programmes based on common social policy functions.

The programmes have been designed to streamline services to make the most of common client needs, reduce duplication and ensure the most effective and efficient approaches are used to address community needs in line with Government priorities.  Key to the grant arrangements is a reduction in regulation and reporting and providing an opportunity for innovation and collaboration in the delivery of services so providers have greater control over how they meet the particular needs of their clients and communities.

The seven programmes are:

- Families and Communities Programme
- Housing and Homelessness Programme
- Disability, Mental Health and Carers Programme
Ageing and Aged Care Programmes:
  - Home Support Programme
  - Residential and Flexible Care Programme
  - Workforce and Quality Programme
  - Ageing and Service Improvement Programme

The attached diagram provides an overview of the current grant programmes.

Families and Communities Programme

The Families and Communities Programme (FCP) incorporates a large portion of DSS grants, bringing together early intervention and prevention services across communities.

The FCP provides early intervention and prevention support to families, children, young people, volunteers, refugees, migrants and other individuals with special circumstances.  Priorities include activities to improve financial wellbeing and capability, strengthen communities, support migrants transition to life in Australia, and ensure the lifetime wellbeing of families and children. 

Further details on FCP can be found in the Programme Guidelines Overview and fact sheets below.

Housing and Homelessness Programme

The Housing and Homelessness Programme will support the development of policy advice to inform government responses to meet current and future challenges, including how to improve housing affordability for all Australians.

Disability, Mental Health and Carers Programme

The Disability, Mental Health and Carers Programme provides support for people with disability and mental health issues, and their carers. 

The programme has a focus on early intervention and other support through community based initiatives. It actively seeks to help individuals with disability to find a suitable position in the workplace.

The programme encompasses grants that promote an understanding of people with disability and carers, to encourage support for their dignity, rights and wellbeing and to maximise their potential to participate as equal citizens in society.  Service models designed in consultation with the mental health sector will better meet the needs of clients, communities and service providers.

Further details on the Disability, Mental Health and Carers Programme can be found in the Programme Guidelines Overview and fact sheets below.

Ageing and Aged Care Programmes

The Ageing and Aged Care programmes offer an effective approach to service delivery with a focus on service improvement through flexible funds.

The Ageing and Aged Care grant programmes are:

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