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This funding round has closed. Feedback for this round is available below.


Update - Financial Counselling, Capability and Resilience Hubs – Location Change

The documentation for this funding round has been updated to reflect a change in target locations.

Services for Rockhampton, Queensland will now form part of a new trial service delivery model and has been removed from this current funding round.  A separate grant round is planned to occur in the near future to select an organisation/s to trial the new service delivery model in Rockhampton.  More information will be provided on the DSS website shortly.

This change affects the Rockhampton site only – there are no changes to other locations listed in this grant round.


The Australian Government is inviting providers to apply for funding under an open funding round to deliver services under the Financial Wellbeing and Capability, Financial Counselling, Capability and Resilience Hubs funding round in specified locations in Western Australia, Northern Territory, Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia and Queensland for the period 1 January 2016 to 30 June 2017.  Funding is anticipated to be offered to around 30 organisations as a result of this process.

Funding is available to deliver a targeted and streamlined Financial Wellbeing and Capability (FWC) service offer. The new model will establish FWC service Hubs offering both Commonwealth Financial Counselling and Financial Capability services in locations where income management is currently operating.

The aim of this funding round is to achieve closer integration of Financial Capability services, which is an early intervention model, and Financial Counselling to provide a more holistic service to clients.

Successful providers will establish Hubs with a core service offer of Commonwealth Financial Counselling and Financial Capability services. Successful providers will also have the option to incorporate microfinance services such as low or no-interest loans. Integration between Hubs and other relevant services to ensure consumers receive wrap‑around services is highly desirable.

Information sessions to support this funding round were held in selected locations in WA, NSW, QLD and VIC during August 2015.  The presentation, a copy of the presenter script and questions and answers from each session are available for further information.

More information

Additional information about the Financial Counselling, Capability and Resilience Hubs can be found in the following documents:

  • Funding Round Summary
    • A requirement for the funding round is that attachments as specified in the Funding Round Summary must be provided with your application.
    • For instructions on how to attach requested attachments please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions (Q7 of the Applications and Selections Processes section).
  • Application Form must be completed and submitted by the closing date to be considered for funding in this round.
  • Programme Guidelines Overview provides information about how grants are funded for this program.
  • Hubs Location maps provide a view of the service delivery coverage areas.
  • Questions and Answers provide applicants with a list of frequently asked questions and answers.
  • Budget Template
  • Streamlined Grant Agreement General Grant Conditions.

Please note:

  • Applicants only need to provide one application for this funding round. If applying to deliver services in more than one Hub location, please ensure you select all of the corresponding locations on the Application Form.
  • An indicative budget must be attached to all Applications using the template provided with the Application Pack.
  • Documents/attachments not specifically requested by the Department will not be assessed as part of your Application.
  • Late applications may not be considered. Please refer to Section 3.7.6 of the Programme Guidelines Overview.

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