Volunteer Management grant funding - Fact sheet

Volunteering strengthens and builds cohesive, resilient communities and allows individuals to participate in community life.

Volunteer Management grants support the ongoing delivery of Volunteer Support Services and one-off Volunteer Innovation and Collaboration projects.

Volunteer support services provide information, tools, training, resources and tailored support to individual volunteers and volunteer managers. Services also include individual referral, placement and support services to people experiencing disadvantage. 

Innovation and collaboration projects and activities respond to issues of national significance and seek to increase participation and the diversity of people who volunteer across Australia.

What has been offered?

71 volunteer support services and 10 one-off volunteer innovation and collaboration projects will share in a total of $6.4 million to 30 June 2016.

These services and projects will help community organisations to build better volunteering practices and provide on-the-ground support and information for volunteers. They will use volunteering to help people engage more in the community and the workforce, and break down barriers to volunteering.

What services will be delivered?

Volunteer Management grants will benefit both volunteers and organsiations that use volunteers through a variety of services including:

  • provision of information, training and support to individuals, with a focus on providing individual referral, placement and support for people experiencing disadvantage
  • provision of tools, training and resources for people who manage volunteers, such as best practice, policies and procedures to ensure volunteers have strong leadership and work in safety and harmony
  • collaboration with other organisations delivering volunteer support services to minimise duplication, share best practice and ensure consistency across services.

The new way of working for grants

The Department’s new grant arrangements provide greater certainty for social service providers to improve service delivery for the community.

As part of this new way of working for grants, service providers have the scope and flexibility to be responsive, innovative and creative in meeting the needs of, and achieving better outcomes for the Australian community.

These improvements will create a more efficient and effective way of delivering government funds to the community by reducing red tape and duplication for service providers and creating more streamlined, simplified and consistent reporting processes.

For more information on the new way of working for grants visit DSS Grants page.

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