Children and Parenting Support



Application period


General enquiries:

1800 625 136

Technical support:

1800 020 283


1800 555 677

This funding round is closed.

Children and Parenting Support services have a primary focus on children aged 0-12 years and provide support to children and families based on an early intervention and prevention approach.  Services actively seek to identify issues that are, or could, impact on child or family outcomes and provide appropriate referrals before these issues escalate.

Documents specific to this funding round outcome include:

  • Feedback summary outlining the features of highly rated proposals and areas for improvement.
  • Fact Sheet containing information specific to this funding round.

This funding round was open between 19 June and 24 July 2014.

The documents that supported this application process are attached in the Application Pack zip file. It includes:

  • Funding Round Summary provides detailed information on the funding round.
  • Programme Guidelines Overview provides information about how grants are funded for this program.
  • Streamlined Grant Agreement Template includes the general grant conditions that you would agree to if successful in receiving funding.
  • Questions and Answers specific to each round.
  • Child Support Advocacy.
  • Priority Service areas.
  • Current Communities for Children Facilitating Partner Boundaries

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