Applicant feedback

DSS is committed to supporting a strong sector and acknowledges that feedback is valuable to assist organisations strengthen proposals for grant funding in the future. Feedback provided on grant applications will be relevant to the specifics of individual funding rounds and proportional to the complexity of the assessment process and total funding available. Applicant feedback will comprise round-specific feedback summaries and, in some cases, individual feedback.

Feedback Summaries

Feedback summaries for open funding rounds will be published on the DSS website to provide all organisations with easy to access information about the assessment process and the main strengths and areas of improvement for applications. 

Feedback summaries will include:

  • strengths of highly rated proposals;
  • how applicants used evidence to demonstrate capability against selection criteria;
  • information on how proposals could commonly be strengthened; and
  • other considerations influencing the selection outcomes as relevant, such as over-subscription and ineligibility rates.

Feedback summaries will be published following the announcement of funding and organisations will be advised that the information is available via selection outcome correspondence.

Feedback summaries will be located on the round specific page accessed through the Closed Funding Round table on the DSS website.

Individual feedback

In some cases individual feedback will be made available for applicants who require further information than that provided in the feedback summary. Applicants will need to register to receive individual feedback as per the process and timeframes advised in selection outcome correspondence or the feedback summary for the specific funding round.

While the Department will make every effort to provide individual feedback as quickly as possible, requests may take time to process, depending on the number of applications received and the complexity of the assessment process.  DSS will undertake to provide all feedback within 12 weeks of closing date for registrations.

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