Family Mental Health Support Services Questions and Answers Issue no. 6

Questions and Answers Issue no. 6



Q1.  On Page 12 of the budget it appears that the following shaded column is incorrect:


Sub-total – Operational costs



The instructions are not to fill in the shaded areas - yet every sub-total does not have a blank section right hand column.  Is this correct?

A1.  This is an error.  Please include the Sub-total for the Operational Costs in the right hand column.

Q2.  Does this activity allow applicants to purchase motor vehicles out of establishment funds?  Do applicants need to insert an estimate of the cost of the vehicles’ purchase in the Budget Item “Assets”?

A2.  The amount of Establishment funding has not been determined.  Establishment costs should not be included in the annual Budget.

See section 4.3 of Part C3 of the Program Guidelines in relation to activities for which FMHSS funding may be used.

Q3.  The application form asks if applicants are able to provide duty statements for all positions within 7 days. Are you seeking duty statements for every role in the organisation or only for roles associated with the FMHSS?

A3.  Only for roles associated with FMHSS.

Q4.  Should applicants include an annual cost for program evaluation or will this be conducted as part of a national evaluation?

A4.  Annual costs should include program evaluation.  Services are expected to undertake continuous improvement of the organisation. An evaluation of the implementation of the 2011-12 National Mental Health Reform Budget measures is planned and service providers will be required to participate in the evaluation.

Q5.  Please clarify the budget amount each organisation can request?

A5.  As set out in Section 3.1 of Part C of the Program Guidelines, funding available for each of the 20 new services will be $356,300 (GST Exclusive) per year.  Funding is adjusted each year in line with the indexation rate applying to the Targeted Community Care (Mental Health) appropriation.

Q6.  Part C3, February 2013: 2.3 FMHSS Aims and Objectives states that grants through the Targeted Community Care (Mental Health) Program are available for young people to 18 years of age.  Can the cut off be extended to 24 years to accommodate people with Autistic Spectrum Condition (High Functioning Autism, Asperger's Syndrome and Pervasive Developmental Disorder Non Specific) who have an emotional age which is significantly lower than their actual age?

A6.  Participant eligibility criteria is listed at 4.1.1 in Part C of the Program Guidelines.  New FMHSS are intended to deliver support to children (0-12) and young people (aged 13-18) at risk of or affected by mental illness and their families.  Participants aged over 18 are not eligible even if their emotional age is significantly less than this.

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