Information for family day care educators - Easy english

Do you do family day care in your home?

If yes, you must follow the law (the rules).

What is the law?

The law is called the Family Assistance Law.

This law explains how the government helps with the cost of child care.

This law tells us the rules about family day care.

It is very important that you know and understand the rules about family day care.

Family day care – Rules

You must:

  • Report the correct hours of care.
  • Only charge for the amount of time that you are looking after a child.
  • Buy the right insurance.
    You can buy insurance from an insurance company.
    If a child has an accident in your home, the insurance company can help you pay for the accident.
  • Tell Centrelink and the Australian Tax Office how much money you earn.
    You must give your records and paperwork to Centrelink and the Australian Tax Office so your records must be correct.
  • Keep good records.
    Your records must include:
    • the name of each child
    • the date that you are caring for them at your house
    • the time they arrive at your house
    • the time they go home.
  • You must get the parents’ signature each time they drop off or pick up their child.
  • Have the right qualifications.
    A Certificate III in Education and Care from a Registered Training Organisation, for example TAFE.
  • Have a police check.
    If there are other people older than 18 living in your house they must have a police check too.

You are responsible for the decisions you make and your actions.

You must follow the law.

Would you like more information?

If you think a family day care service is not following the law you can tell the Department of Social Services.

You do not have to tell us your name.

Phone: 1800 664 231


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