Do you want to be a family day care educator? Easy english

A family day care educator looks after other people’s children as a job.

They do this in their own home.

To become a family day care educator you must:

  • Study at a Registered Training Organisation, for example TAFE.
    You need to get a Certificate III in Education and Care.
  • You need to do all the study for the course by yourself.
    The course will teach you about your:
    • rights
    • responsibilities – the things that you must do
    • the law and the rules.
  • Get a police check.
    Anyone over 18 years old living in your house must get a police check too.
  • Buy the right insurance.
    You can buy insurance from an insurance company.
    If a child has an accident in your home, the insurance company can help you pay for the accident.

Understanding the Law

It is very important to know and understand the laws around being a family day care educator.

The law is called Family Assistance Law.

If you do not follow the law, you can get into trouble.

You are in charge of your own decisions.

You are in charge of your own actions.

If somebody has asked you to become a family day care educator but you don’t think they are following the rules, don’t work with them.

Would you like more information?

If you think a family day care service is not following the law you can tell the Department of Social Services.

You do not have to tell us your name.

Phone: 1800 664 231


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