Toward safer communities in Ceduna

15 Mar 2016 - 11:00

Welfare recipients in the Ceduna region in South Australia will soon be able to start using their cashless debit cards.

The 12-month trial aims to limit the amount of cash available for spending on alcohol, illicit drugs and gambling.

From 15 March 2016, working age payment recipients in the Ceduna region will be triggered onto the trial, with cards delivered over the following weeks. Payments will start going on to the card by the end of the month.

Community leaders and locals in the Ceduna region have contributed substantially to the design and development of the trial.

Trial participants will have 80 per cent of their money paid onto the debit cards, and the remaining 20 per cent into their regular bank accounts.

The card can be used at any store in Australia that has an EFTPOS machine, unless that store sells alcohol or gambling products. It’s hoped that by limiting the amount of cash available to spend on these substances, trial communities will become safer.

The Australian Government has also invested $1 million worth of additional services in the Ceduna region, including alcohol and drug outreach workers, an outreach team, aftercare support services, a brokerage fund, family violence prevention legal services, mental health services, financial counsellors and early childhood services.

The trial will start in the East Kimberley region on 26 April 2016.

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