Review of the TILA Program

Aim of publication

In 2011 the Australian Government Office for Youth commissioned Colmar Brunton to evaluate the impact of TILA and its administration including the 2009 increase in the allowance from $1,000 to $1,500.

Who is it for?

The review is for the information of state and territory child protection and policy officers, caseworkers, advocates for young people in care, and young people eligible to receive TILA.

What does it cover?

The evaluation was based on a survey of literature as well as 118 consultation sessions with key stakeholders, including a broad range of referring organisations for the program; Commonwealth, State and Territory Government representatives; peak bodies for young children in care as well in homelessness and housing; case workers; and Child Guardians and Children’s’ Commissioners.

The final sample included those working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth, young people with a disability, young parents and young people in the juvenile justice system. Administrative data was supplied by the former Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations and Southern Youth Family Services.

The review made 29 recommendations in four sections: short-term action, policy reform, service delivery, and targeting the payment to specific cohorts.

DSS has implemented most of the review's recommendations by refocussing eligibility back to the original target group of young people leaving formal care, with additional requirements that there is a transition to independence plan in place and a case worker is involved.

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