Northern Territory and Cape York Cashless Debit Card


The Cashless Debit Card replaced Income Management in Cape York from 17 March 2021.

From this date, Income Management participants in the Northern Territory can now choose to transition to the Cashless Debit Card. Please visit the links below for information on the key differences between the two programs in Cape York and the Northern Territory. 

The Cashless Debit Card - Northern Territory

The Cashless Debit Card - Cape York

Community Sessions - Northern Territory

The Department of Social Services is engaging across the Northern Territory to provide communities with information on the option to transition from Income Management to the Cashless Debit Card. 

The department has already engaged extensively with communities and key stakeholders around the Northern Territory and Cape York regions.  Since 2019, the department has:

  • delivered over 150 information sessions to 80 communities,
  • engaged with over 4,700 community members and;
  • met with stakeholders and local organisations around 240 times on the proposed transition from Income Management to the Cashless Debit Card.

The department will work with local stakeholders to schedule community information sessions in the below communities. The department is aiming to visit as many communities as possible through this engagement process. If your community is not listed on this webpage please contact

The below schedules are subject to change, please check back closer to the date listed for your community.

Upcoming Community Information Sessions

The majority of upcoming face-to-face engagement has been suspended due to COVID-19 border restrictions. An updated schedule will be published as soon as possible.


The Department of Social Services encourages feedback about the ongoing community engagement sessions in the Northern Territory and Cape York. Raising a concern, giving a compliment or offering a suggestion can help DSS improve its services.

To provide feedback, email

More information

For more information, call the Cashless Debit Card hotline on 1800 252 604.

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