Cashless Debit Card - Ceduna region

What area does the Cashless Debit Card cover in the Ceduna region?

The Cashless Debit Card is operating in the Ceduna district and surrounding areas, South Australia, which includes the communities of Koonibba, Scotdesco, Yalata and Oak Valley.

When did the Cashless Debit Card commence in the Ceduna region?

The Cashless Debit Card commenced in the Ceduna region on 15 March 2016.

Who receives the Cashless Debit Card in the Ceduna region?

Around 800 people who are recipients of working age payments (such as Newstart Allowance and Youth Allowance) receive the card. Age Pension and Veterans’ Pension recipients are not included, however they can volunteer to be part of the program. More information about volunteering for the program is available on the volunteer page.

How does the card work?

The Cashless Debit Card looks and operates like a normal bank card, except it cannot be used to buy alcohol or gambling products, or to withdraw cash.

For more information about how the card works visit the main Cashless Debit Card page.

Cardholders from the Ceduna region can apply to a local community panel to decrease their restricted percentage.

If you are a Cashless Debit Card participant and wish to apply to the Ceduna Community Panel for a reduction in the restricted percentage of your welfare payment please complete the application form.

Completed forms can be returned:

via post to:

  • Services Australia
  • Reply Paid 7800
  • Canberra BC ACT 2610
  • in person at a Centrelink service centre.
  • Centrelink online account or express-plus mobile app

Visit a local partner if you need help or have any questions or call the Cashless Debit Card hotline for assistance on 1800 252 604.

For more information visit the Ceduna Community Panel page.

Why the Ceduna region?

Ceduna region was selected based on a range of factors, including community interest and support, levels of welfare dependence, and levels of community harm caused by gambling, alcohol and drug abuse.

What support services are available for people on the Cashless Debit Card in the Ceduna region?

The Australian Government has invested more than $2.1 million to improve and increase support services for the community, including:

  • community safety initiatives
  • drug and alcohol services
  • additional capacity for existing mental health services
  • enhancing existing financial management services
  • extra funding for family violence services
  • free Wi-Fi connectivity.

People with the card are able to check their account balance or transaction history and replace lost or stolen cards at no cost. Also at no cost, people with the card are able to receive help including:

  • access to the card provider customer support centre
  • interactive voice response for balance enquiries, a mobile phone app and text alerts to keep people informed.

People with the card are still able to use Centrepay and the Rent Deduction Scheme.

For more information, contact the Cashless Debit Card hotline on 1800 252 604 (free call).

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