National Community Awareness Raising Strategy (NCAR)

The National Community Awareness Raising Strategy (NCAR) key approaches will promote parenting as a learned skill, normalise help-seeking behaviours for families and encourage strength-based parenting practices to enhance safe and supportive environments in the early years. It is in the final development phase and will roll out nationwide in early 2019.

In May 2016, the Parenting Research Centre released a research report Perceptions of Parenting: Mapping the gaps between Expert and Public understandings of effective parenting in Australia.  The Department was a major funding contributor to Phase 2, which was published mid 2018. Phase Two, developed in conjunction with the FrameWorks Institute, included a set of communication tools to support an improved national dialogue about parenting and parenting support in Australia. This research is being utilised in both the BCAP and NCAR strategy initiatives.

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