Quality Assurance for the National Disability Advocacy Program

National Disability Advocacy Program (NDAP) Quality Assurance System

In 2011 the Australian Parliament passed amendments to the Disability Services Act 1986, to mandate the introduction of a Quality Assurance (QA) system for the NDAP. The amendments provided mechanisms independent from government, to assess the compliance of disability advocacy services against a legislated set of quality standards – currently the National Standards for Disability Services (NSDS).

In order to assist NDAP agencies to prepare for certification against the NSDS a number of resources have been developed:

  • a NDAP Quality Toolkit. This practical guide to quality assurance contains information and tools to assist agencies to prepare for certification
  • a table that lists examples of evidence for each NSDS
  • self-assessment worksheets, and
  • standard and Easy read booklets, and an Easy read factsheet to explain the quality assurance process to consumers.

These resources, in addition to other useful information, are also available on the DSS website:

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