Information for applicants and their nominees, carers, families and advocates

Important: Applications for the BSWAT Payment Scheme have now closed. Click here for more information.

How to accept a payment offer

Applicants who are eligible for a payment will receive a Letter of Offer.

There are certain things that an applicant must do, by the due date written in the Letter of Offer, to accept a payment offer.

If the due date is about to lapse you can request an extension of time. Call 1800 799 515 to ask for an extension. Applicants can only be granted an extension once.

Important: A payment will not affect a supported employee's current job or wages, and it will not affect their Australian Disability Enterprise (ADE).

Find out how to accept a payment offer here.

How to ask for a review

If an applicant does not agree with a decision made about the BSWAT Payment Scheme, they can ask for a review.

Find out how to ask for a review here.

How to appoint a nominee

You can appoint a nominee to act on your behalf in relation to the Scheme. They can help you understand the Scheme and make decisions on your behalf.

If you want to request a nominee you can fill in the online nominee application form.

Or you can complete the Nominee Application Form and send it to us.

Contact us if you want to change or remove an existing nominee.

Tax and the BSWAT Payment Scheme

Find out how a BSWAT payment might affect taxable income and what help is available here.

You can also watch an accessible video on BSWAT and tax.

Proving your identity or certifying documents

The Department may ask you to provide proof of your identity. If required, follow the instructions in the below documents to choose the appropriate forms of identification and how to have your forms legally certified.

Information for families, carers, nominees and advocates

Family members, carers, nominees and advocates can help applicants receive a payment through the BSWAT Payment Scheme. To find out how you can help, read the ‘Information for families, advocates and nominees’ booklet below.

Information for advocates

Advocates play an important role in helping people understand the process and decisions they need to make to receive a payment. To find out how you can help, read the ‘Information for advocates’ fact sheet below.

Deceased persons

A person can apply for the Scheme on behalf of a deceased person who would otherwise have been eligible for the Scheme.

You can find more information on the Deceased Persons webpage.

Contact us

If you have any problems viewing these resources or forms, or have any questions regarding the Scheme, call the BSWAT Payment Scheme information line on 1800 799 515.

You can also send an email to

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