Information for ADEs

Information for ADEs

All ADEs should have received copies of the BSWAT Payment Scheme poster and informational flyer from the Department in February/March 2017. Please display these products in your lunchroom to promote the BSWAT Payment Scheme.

If you would like more hard copies of the poster and flyer, please email

For more information about BSWAT and the future of ADEs, go to the Q&As: BSWAT and ADEs page.

What role do ADEs play?

There are six important ways in which ADEs can support the implementation of the scheme:

  1. Providing information about the scheme to supported employees, their families and advocates.
  2. Providing information on current or past wages to employees or their nominees.
  3. Providing specific information about wages requested by the Department.
  4. Assisting supported employees, their families and supporters to contact the Department if they have questions.
  5. Understanding who can and can’t be appointed as a nominee for the scheme.
  6. Assisting supported employees to apply for a payment.

It’s important to understand that you are not expected to explain the details of the scheme to supported employees, and their families and carers.

For more information on the BSWAT Payment Scheme and ADEs, download the Information for ADEs document above.

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