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About the BSWAT Payment Scheme


There is an Easy Read handbook about the Scheme. The handbook has much more information in it than these web pages. On these web pages, we explain which part of the handbook has more information about each topic.

BSWAT Payment Scheme

You might have heard about the BSWAT Payment Scheme. We usually call it ‘the Scheme’.

Business Services Wage Assessment Tool

The Business Services Wage Assessment Tool is usually called the BSWAT.

Two workers with hard hats

It is a tool that was used to work out the wages of people who work in Australian Disability Enterprises, or ADEs for short. These are businesses that employ people with disability. Your workplace might be an ADE.

Parliament house

The Scheme has been set up by the Government.

Dollar sign

We will make a one-off payment to some people who had their wages worked out with the BSWAT.

One hundred dollars

The lowest payment some people will be offered is $100.

Weight scales

We are doing this because some people thought the BSWAT was not a fair way to work out wages for people with disability.

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Some people went to court about this.

Tick / correct symbol

Recently, a decision was made in court about the BSWAT.  You can read more about that decision here.


There’s more information about the Scheme in Chapter 1 of the Easy Read handbook.

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Important! To apply for a payment, you must have registered for the Scheme by 30 April 2017.

Supported employees who have registered with the Scheme have until 30 November 2017 to apply for a payment.

Application form

Find out more in the section called Apply for a payment.

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