DES Star Ratings Additional Information

The 2018 DES Star Rating Model is an outcome-based model used to calculate DES Star Ratings for Providers.

It measures the relative performance of DES providers based on their success in placing jobseekers in sustainable employment outcomes. In line with the new 2018 DES Performance Framework, it rewards DES providers who drive performance and continuous improvement, in the delivery of effective services.  

The 2018 DES Star Rating Model includes new outcome measures to encourage long-term employment outcomes for DES jobseekers and enhancements to the methodology based on recommendations by the actuarial firm, Taylor Fry. By adjusting for client characteristics and local labour market characteristics, the statistical modelling allows comparison of Star Ratings for providers across Australia.

The 2018 DES Star Ratings Methodology Advice gives more information on the 2018 DES Star Ratings Model including:

  • a detailed explanation of the Performance Measures and their weightings used in the assessment of Key Performance Indicators
  • The data used to calculate the star ratings
  • Calculation of the Star Ratings with an explanation of actual versus expected performance and statistical regression
  • An example using the Star Ratings Model Six Steps
  • The Distribution of the Star Ratings
  • Information on the publication of the Star Ratings and other reports available to providers.

An international literature review of performance benchmarking models was conducted in 2014 and compared to the Star Ratings relative assessment approach. It concluded that the Benchmarking models struggled to meet any advantages of the Star Ratings model.

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