May 2018 Webinar Questions and Answers

Will outcomes from previous contract contribute to new star ratings

No. All DES contracts will start their performance from ‘zero’ on 1 July 2018. Only DES participants anchored into employment or education on or after 1 July 2018 will have their subsequent outcomes counted in the 2018 DES Star Ratings model.  This ensures that the performance reported is performance under the new arrangements, and that it is comparable across all continuing and new providers.

Will the DES 2018 Funding Tool be available prior to July 1?

No. The new DES ‘risk adjusted funding model’ will apply from 1 July 2018.

Will there be changes to how the star ratings are calculated?     

Yes. Please refer to the short report available (released 15 May 2018) via the DSS website which outlines the key features of the DES 2018 Performance Framework and changes to the DES Star Ratings model that will apply from 1st of July 2018.  Further information will be available in the 2018 DES Star Ratings webinars that will be conducted in July 2018, which will be available for registration on the Learning Centre soon.

When will the first lot of star ratings be released?

The first 2018 DES Star Ratings to be calculated will be for the period to March 2019, expected to be distributed in early to mid-May 2019. These ratings will be supplied to DES providers only. The June 2019 ratings will be published and are expected to be distributed in early to mid-August 2019.

If participants continue with current status. Such as Commenced or suspended. Then does the denominator carry over to the new contract for continuing provider   

All participants ‘performance clocks’ will start from zero on 1 July 2018.  For example, if a participant is transitioned at 22 months in the program they will not have the required 13 weeks with their provider post 1 July 2018 and will not be counted in the 13 Week Full denominator for that Period of Service.  Unless the participant is anchored into employment or education and achieves a 13 Week Full Outcome.

All DES participants will only be included in the 13 Week Full Outcome denominator for the first time, from 13 weeks post 1 July 2018 (i.e. around late-September 2018).  For all other performance measures, all participants will start from zero on 1 July 2018 and work towards meeting the denominator requirements for each applicable performance measure.

Does starting both existing and new providers at "0" negatively impact existing providers who are carrying current caseloads with varying periods of service. How does this relate to Star Rating performance?

Fair comparisons between continuing and new providers will be able to be made in the 2018 DES Star Ratings model.  Adjustments in the statistical regression model will be made to take this information into account and have the expected performance rates adjusted accordingly.

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