Transition to the NDIS for Early Intervention Services

Parents and carers

HCWA and Better Start is transitioning to the NDIS. New registrations for HCWA and Better Start close when the NDIS becomes available in a location. If a child on HCWA or Better Start has a plan approved under the NDIS, their access to HCWA or Better Start funding will cease as they will then be eligible to receive funding under the NDIS.

The NDIS website has more details about where the NDIS is currently operating.

Unlike HCWA and Better Start, the NDIS provides support that can continue through to adulthood. Support under the NDIS is based on each child’s individual needs.

The Early Childhood Early Intervention (ECEI) Approach is how the NDIS is working with Early Childhood Partners to deliver early childhood intervention for children aged 0-6 years.

All existing HCWA and Better Start children will be referred to the Early Childhood Partner in their local areas. Families will be contacted by their local  Early Childhood Partner to make an appointment  to discuss with the family the most appropriate supports that would benefit the child. This includes providing information and referral to other support services or organisations. Understanding that every child is different, the Early Childhood Partners will tailor the supports to the child and family’s individual needs and circumstances.

It is important to note that existing HCWA and Better Start clients who wish to join the NDIS will still be required to meet the access requirements for the NDIS. Further information on access to the NDIS can be found at the NDIS website. The Early Childhood Partner will identify children who require urgent assistance. If the child requires long-term support, the Early Childhood Partner will assist the family make an access request to the NDIS and, if eligible, assist with the development of an NDIS plan.

The ECEI Approach is being implemented in line with the scheduled full-scheme roll-out of the NDIS. Families are able to self-refer to their local Early Childhood Partner, or make contact with the NDIS through the call centre on 1800 800 110 and they will be directed to an Early Childhood Partner in their local area.

Some of your questions about transition to the NDIS may be answered on the Frequently Asked Questions page.

If you live in Western Australia in a WA NDIS site your questions about transition to the WA NDIS may be answered on the WA NDIS Frequently Asked questions page.

Service providers

Overtime, funding for HCWA and Better Start will transition to the NDIS. Children who access your services using HCWA or Better Start funding will gradually become NDIS clients if they are deemed eligible by the NDIS and  have an approved NDIS support plan in place

It is important that service providers check with parents if the child has an approved NDIS plan in place before delivering services to a child. 

You must register as a provider under the NDIS if you wish to continue delivering services to families in the NDIS roll-out areas.

Learn more about becoming an NDIS service provider

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