Register of Legal Advisors and Financial Counsellors – BSWAT Payment Scheme

This page includes a register of qualified legal practitioners and accredited financial counsellors who have expressed their interest in providing services under the BSWAT Payment Scheme (the scheme).

The register will be updated to include new providers’ contact details when the Department has processed their applications.

Applicants may choose to obtain legal advice and financial counselling from any qualified legal practitioner and accredited financial counsellor of their choice, even if they are not on the register. If a legal practitioner or financial counsellor wishes to be included on the register, they should contact the Department on 1800 799 515 or apply through the Information for Legal Advisors and Financial Counsellors page. Being on the register also assists the Department in paying organisations who claim a payment for providing legal advice or financial counselling services under the scheme.

The text under “Further Information” has been provided by each provider and do not reflect the views or opinion of the Department of Social Services or the Australian Government.

Financial counsellors/Legal advisors

Disclaimer: The Department has made reasonable efforts to confirm that the legal practitioners and financial counsellors included on the register are appropriately qualified and accredited. The Department in no way endorses or recommends the services of the legal practitioners or financial counsellors who have been included on the register. The register is provided for information only and the Department accepts no liability for the services provided by the listed persons.

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