Australian Disability Enterprises Transition to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) - Frequently Asked Questions

Information for service providers and people working in Australian Disability Enterprises

Q: What is the NDIS?

The NDIS will deliver a new system of individually tailored support for people with disability based on need, where funding goes to the individual. This represents a significant change for individuals, providing choice and control over their services and providers.

People will gain access to the scheme at different times, depending on where they live and how old they are. This staggered approach is designed to provide a smooth transition for people with disability and their families, carers and service providers.

Q: Who manages the NDIS?

The NDIS is managed by the National Disability Insurance Agency.

Q: Through the NDIS, can a person continue to work at their current Australian Disability Enterprise?

We are encouraging all Australian Disability Enterprises to register as providers for the NDIS so that their employment is not affected by the transition. Supported employees may wish to ask their Australian Disability Enterprise if they are registered for the NDIS.

For further information on the NDIS including eligibility, assessment and plan management please visit the NDIS website or call 1800 800 110.

Service Provider Questions

Q: How can an Australian Disability Enterprise register to supported employment for the NDIS?

Providers must register with the National Disability Insurance Agency as a service provider in order to claim services delivered to NDIS participants. Registration information including a Provider Toolkit and NDIS roll-out schedules can be access from

Q: How will service providers make claims under the NDIS?

Once a service provider is registered, they will need to set up access to the myplace Provider Portal. In order to receive payment from a participant who has an agency managed plan, providers are required to submit a claim, called a payment request, electronically through myplace.

Q: What will happen to funding for supported employees already working at Australian Disability Enterprises?

Once a supported employee has a plan approved under the NDIS, they will be eligible to receive funding under the NDIS. Funding to support them in employment from the DSS will cease at this time.

Q: What happens if an existing supported employee is ineligible to become a participant of the NDIS?

If a supported employee is assessed as ineligible for the NDIS, they will receive continuity of support services. The Commonwealth, State and Territory Governments have committed to ensuring people who are found to not meet the access requirements of the NDIS will be supported to achieve similar outcomes, even if the arrangements for doing that change over time.

More information relating to continuity of support

Q: What will happen to DSS funding for Australian Disability Enterprises over time?

DSS funding of supported employment is gradually closing to new clients as the NDIS is rolled out across Australia and people with disability supported in employment transition to the NDIS.

Q: Is the number of supported employment places capped under the NDIS?

No. Unlike existing funding for supported employment, there is no cap on the number of supported employees that can be funded under the NDIS at an Australian Disability Enterprise.

Q: What happens to the number of DSS funded supported employment places under the NDIS?

The number of DSS funded places will be reduced during the term of the grant agreement by the number of supported employees who transition from a DSS place to an individualised funding package through the NDIS.

DSS anticipates these reductions will occur on FOFMS at the end of each month. Reductions may be actioned more frequently if necessary to assist organisations to manage their outlet capacity. DSS will send a notice to ADEs with details of the reduction in their outlet capacity.

Further information is contained in your grant agreement with DSS. See:

  • “When your Outlet Capacity can change” (Schedule, section 6)
  • DSS will reduce your outlet capacity by one place for each supported employee who has an NDIS plan in effect. (Operational Guidelines, Section 17)

For further information on the NDIS including provider registration and claiming on the NDIS provider portal, please visit the NDIS website or call 1800 800 110.

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