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Second round of public consultation for a new National Disability Employment Framework

The Department of Social Services Disability Employment Taskforce is currently running a second round of public consultation on a new Disability Employment Framework.

The Taskforce was established in response to Australia’s poor performance with providing employment opportunities for people with disability.  In Australia today, a person is almost twice as likely to be unemployed if they have a disability.

The aim of the Framework is to improve employment outcomes for people with disability by developing a more flexible system of employment services that will provide greater choice and control to the individual and better meet employer needs. 

To assist in the development of this Framework, we completed a first round of consultation based on an Issues Paper and a set of suggested principles for the new Framework. 

Building on the principles and feedback from the first round of consultation, a Discussion Paper has been developed outlining more detailed policy proposals for the new Framework, which will be used as the basis of a second round of consultation.

Public consultation will consist of information sessions conducted around Australia that will present the findings from the first round of consultation; provide an overview of the Discussion Paper; and encourage feedback on the policy proposals through an online survey.

These sessions will commence on 19 November 2015 in Perth and conclude on 30 November 2015 in Melbourne.  The survey will remain open until 7 December 2015. 

The Discussion Paper, survey and full details of the information sessions, including registration, will be available on the Engage website.

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