The NDIS Evaluation Disability Support Workforce survey is now open

Call for disability support providers and their workers to inform the independent evaluation of the NDIS conducted image

The NDIS full roll-out needs a strong and productive disability support sector and workforce to deliver the required quantity and quality of supports and services.

All providers (employers, self-employed, workers) will be invited from late July 2017 to complete the NDIS Survey of Disability Support Providers, as part of the continuing independent NDIS evaluation conducted by Flinders University since 2013.

In a period of profound change, maintaining a healthy sector and workforce is a critical element of success for the NDIS.  The survey is aiming to reach many thousands of providers and many of the tens of thousands of their workers to ask them about their experiences since the start of the NDIS and their plans for their future, their sector, and their work.

The survey will give employers, self-employed and workers alike the opportunity to have their say about the changes brought about by the NDIS. It will help policy to be developed in a balanced way reflecting the needs and the aspirations of all NDIS stakeholders, including the sector and its workers.

We invite you to complete the NDIS survey of providers and add your voice to the thousands who have already done so and make the views of the sector and its workers count.

The NDIS Evaluation is conducted by the National Institute of Labour Studies (NILS) at Flinders University and has been tracking the roll-out of the NDIS since the Scheme’s start in July 2013.  The evaluation has been commissioned by the Department of Social Services. Two reports from the NDIS Evaluation have been published (the Initial Report and Intermediate Report) in 2016. The Intermediate Report was utilised in the Productivity Commission’s review into NDIS costs. The reports can be found on the Department’s webpage about the NDIS..

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