The National Disability Data Asset

The Commonwealth and state and territory governments are working together on a project to create a National Disability Data Asset.

The disability data asset will connect information from different government agencies about people with disability to understand their life experiences. 

This information would provide the government with more information to make decisions about programs and services to better support people living with disability, their carers and the community.  

This information would help improve opportunity and inclusion for people with disability.

Read more about the disability data asset on the National Disability Data Asset website.

NDDA Pilot Findings

The NDDA went through a testing period called the Pilot. The Pilot phase ran for 18 months and finished at the end of 2021. The Pilot examined the best ways to share, link and access information. The Pilot protected the privacy of individuals by de-identifying information and keeping it secure. This means the government cannot find out who people are from this data or make contact with them. 

The findings from the Pilot test cases are on the NDDA website

NDDA Disability Advisory Council

An expert Disability Advisory Council guided the Pilot for the National Disability Data Asset. This group met regularly and have summarised their discussions on the NDDA website. 

Read more about the Disability Advisory Council on the National Disability Data Asset website


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