Developing the new National Disability Strategy


The Australian Government is leading the development of a new National Disability Strategy (new Strategy) to replace the current National Disability Strategy when it finishes at the end of 2020. Commonwealth, state, territory and local governments across Australia are working together in consultation with people with disability to develop the new Strategy to take effect from the start of 2021.

The development of the new Strategy is being informed by recent reviews and inquiries and through directly hearing the voices of people with disability, their families, carers, advocacy organisations, peak bodies and service providers.

Next steps to develop the new Strategy

The steps to develop the new Strategy are:

  • Development of a cross-government position paper for release in early 2020 that sets out the proposed features of the new Strategy.
  • The position paper will be the basis for a further round of public engagement and consultation in early 2020. This engagement will include further consultations with people with disability.
  • Develop the new Strategy during 2020 for agreement by the Council of Australian Governments (COAG).

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Stage 1 consultations

Around 3,000 people with disability, their families and carers, advocacy organisations, peak bodies and service providers took part in the first stage of community engagement and consultation around Australia held April to July 2019.

Consultation included face-to-face community workshops, a public survey and an online forum, as well as targeted consultations for and led by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples.

The consultation process placed people with disability at the centre.

The consultations were aimed at hearing from people with disability about developing a new Strategy for beyond 2020.

599 participants in 17 community workshops. 474 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people consulted. 2649 public survey responses. 15 in-depth discussions. 14 participants in online forum.

What people told us

Consultation participants said there have been some improvements for people with disability in the last ten years including:

  • Improved personal care and support for people with disability through the NDIS
  • Increased community awareness and inclusion, driven by more visibility of people with disability in mainstream media.

However, participants also said many of the same barriers and inadequacies remain for people with disability and their families.

Consultation Report

A report, ‘Right to opportunity: Consultation report to help shape the next national disability strategy’, has been released and is available in a variety of accessible formats.

We would like to thank everyone for sharing their experiences, stories and ideas in the community workshops, the online survey and through the online discussion forums.

Further engagements with people with disability will be undertaken in early 2020, in collaboration with the disability sector.

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