Strengthening Communities

The Strengthening Communities Activity is being redesigned to better align and target funding with Government priorities and emerging community needs. The Strong and Resilient Communities grants program will replace this Activity from 1 April 2018. The redesign involves all Strengthening Communities grant programs, except the Volunteer Management Activity, Volunteer Grants and Broadband for Seniors.

The Strengthening Communities Activity provides funding to organisations to develop solutions and deliver responsive and integrated services that meet local community needs.

The activity aims to:

  • build the capacity of communities and organisations to be able to identify and address local community needs
  • facilitate partnerships that result in better services and service integration
  • assist volunteers and encourage volunteering
  • build social cohesion
  • develop strategies to increase awareness of access to services
  • support organisations in the delivery of services to individuals and organisations.

There are three sub-activities and six grant programs:

  1. Community Development Participation
  2. Volunteering
  3. Multicultural Affairs

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