DSS Assessment and Selection Process

The Department of Social Services (DSS) is committed to maintaining equity and fairness in recruitment and selection processes and recognises merit as the primary basis for selection.

The selection techniques vary and interviews are not always the preferred option. Other methods such as assessments based on applications and referee reports, written or work sample tests and behavioural questionnaires may be used. The vacancy overview will normally indicate whether or not interviews will be conducted.

The selection panel will consider your capabilities, skills, knowledge, experience and performance relevant to the advertised job or your demonstrated potential for further development. If your application is short-listed for further assessment, you will be contacted regarding the next phase of the process.

If your application is not short listed, you will receive notification of this when the selection process has been finalised.

You should ensure you are available for an assessment from the advertised closing date. DSS tries to ensure that a minimum of two days notice for an interview is given to short-listed candidates. If you are going to be absent from work or home at any time within one month following closure of the application period, please note this and if possible provide alternative contact details.

You are entitled to ask for feedback on your application and will be advised of the outcome of the selection process.

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