2011 DSS Graduate: Gary Keogh

Gary KeoghQualifications: Bachelor of Information Systems

University: University of Tasmania, Hobart campus

Stream: Information Technology

Why did you apply for the DSS graduate program?
Because it seemed like a great career opportunity.

What were your rotations like?
Good. The people were friendly and helpful, the work was usually interesting and they allowed me to gain some experience working in areas that I was unfamiliar with.

What were/are your key responsibilities?
First rotation: Mapping (GIS), Information Services Branch – My role was to provide people within DSS with mapping services, such as customisation of maps and geocoding of addresses.

Second rotation: DSS Applications Team, Software Testing, Applications Services Branch – My role was to test applications that DSS uses and is responsible for. This was generally done in a testing environment so as not to interfere with live websites and applications.

What opportunities were made available to you?
I believe that I have gained the opportunity to start a career in the public service and who knows where that could take me in the future. I have also had the opportunity to make some good friends and professional contacts.

What were your professional and personal highlights during the DSS Graduate program and how did you find the transition to Canberra?
It has greatly enhanced my career prospects. I have gained experience working in three different IT-related areas so far and I have made some good contacts. I enjoyed being part of a graduate program, because I got to know many other people in the same boat as me and there were great social opportunies for us. I have had now had the experience of living in another city outside of my hometown and I have enjoyed it, despite being so far away from family. The transition to Canberra went fine. I was nervous at first, having never lived outside of home before and moving to place I had never been to. I adjusted to life in Canberra quite well and found I like Canberra and its greenery, its quiet streets, its job opportunities and its structure. The weather takes some time to adjust to, however, as does living in a share house and being so far away from family (although that does have its benefits!).

Where are you working now?
Family Payments Data and Reporting

Why would you recommend the DSS Graduate Program?
There are many reasons. Here are just a few:

  • The people at DSS are friendly.
  • You will not be on your own; there will be many others in the same boat as you who you can have fun getting to know and socialising with.
  • Many people in policy or program areas choose DSS because they want to try and help people in some way or another. Being a government department, DSS is not about trying to make money and maximise profits.

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