2010 DSS Graduate: Gerard Lind

Gerard Lind Qualifications: Bachelor of Psychology (Hons)

University: University of Sydney

Stream: Generalist

Why did you apply for the DSS graduate program?
It was the only department I applied with because of the human services focus. I was particularly keen on the Indigenous affairs and homelessness areas, but have worked in other areas and have found them equally motivating and rewarding.

What were your rotations like?
My rotations were varied, interesting and challenging. I had the opportunity to take a stint in a state office which offered a service delivery, ‘on the ground’ element to the work I was doing, dealing with community organisations and some close sector engagement.

What were/are your key responsibilities?
My responsibilities range from preparing briefs and minutes to contract management. Other work includes organising policy consultations and liaising with state and territory governments.

What opportunities were made available to you?
Countless, if you put your hand up you’ll get them.

What were your professional and personal highlights during the DSS Graduate program and how did you find the transition to Canberra?
Working closely with community organisations to deliver the Family Support Program was the most challenging and rewarding work I did in the year. Travelling around the country for national consultations on new homelessness policy was also a definite highlight.

Personally, it was getting to know an entire new group of people that I wouldn’t otherwise have known.

Where are you working now?
I am working on the National Partnership on Social Housing.

Why would you recommend the DSS Graduate Program?
Good work, supportive environment, good outcomes, good people. I’d recommend the program to anyone dedicated to the cause.

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