Statistical Paper No 1: Income support customers: a statistical overview 2002




Author:  Australian Government Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs

This paper provides a snapshot of the number and demographic characteristics of income support recipients in June 2002.

Income support payments cater for different circumstances, such as disability, sickness, unemployment, caring and parenting responsibilities.

Key highlights from the paper include:

  • information on eligibility criteria for income support payments
  • time series data on income support payments from 1992-2002
  • data on customer characteristics, such as age, gender, duration on payment, state and territory, home ownership status and country of birth
  • data on short-term and long-term unemployed customers, as well as mature age income support recipients
  • information on Family Tax Benefit customers and child care support services
  • an overview of the diversity and economic importance of Australia's social security arrangements with overseas countries.

The publication is expected to provide a ready source of payment information data for government, university and research institutions, community organisations and international welfare agencies. 

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