Number 14: The dynamics of participating in Parenting Payment (Single) and the Sole Parent Pension

This paper is an analysis of the length of time lone-parent families spent on the Parenting Payment (Single) (PPS) and/or Sole Parent Pension (SPP) over the four year period June 1995 to June 1999. Data used in the analysis was obtained from the department's Longitudinal (administrative) Data Set (LDS).

The main findings indicate that the average length of time spent on payment by a PPS recipient was 55 fortnights (or just over 2 years) while the median spell length was 32 fortnights (just over 12 months). However, 18 per cent were short-term recipients, 15 per cent were long term continuous recipients and about one quarter of recipients cycled on and off the program.

Individual characteristics, labour market conditions and program parameters are also examined

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