Social Security Journal - 1998 Issue No.1



The first section of this 1998/1 edition of the Social Security Journal is devoted to a discussion of poverty measurement and brings to the readers' attention the latest research developments in this field in Australia.

Special Section on Poverty Research and Budget Standards Project

Loucas Nicolaou, 'Introduction: recent poverty research and DSS - an overview of the Adequacy Project'

Peter Saunders, 'Reflections on the Australian poverty debate'

Marion Terrill and Ian Brodie-Reed, 'It's not just about money - a project to examine living standards'

Peter Saunders, 'Development and application of indicative budget standards for Australia'

Paul Henman, 'Making real assumptions of the Budget Standards Project: the strengths and weaknesses for policy work'

Peter Whiteford and Paul Henman, 'Assessing budget standards: conceptual issues in the treatment of durables'

William Mudd, 'A standard rent: context and considerations'

Paul Henman, 'Different assumptions, different scenarios: extending and developing SPRC's budget standards'

Social Security Notes

Lara Purdy, 'Improving lifestyles: The More Intensive and Flexible Services Pilot'

Book Reviews

Judith Healy, Welfare Options: Delivering Social Services
Reviewer: Allison Barnes

Hugh Mackay, Generations: Baby Boomers, their Parents and their Children
Reviewer: John Murray

OECD, The Battle Against Exclusion
Reviewer: Graeme Grant

Patricia Thornton and Neil Lunt, Employment Policies for Disabled People in Eighteen Countries: A Review
Reviewer: Ann Raj

Chris Chamberlain and David MacKenzie, Youth Homelessness: Early Intervention and Prevention
Reviewers: Philip Brown and Vicki Wagner

Social Security Statistics

Project Notes

Selective Bibliography on Social Security Issues


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