Social Security Journal - June 1994



This page contains the Social Security Journal - June 1994

Major Articles

Bettina Cass, 'Expanding Paid Maternity/Parental Leave through Family Income Support: Supporting Early Infant Care as a Social Responsibility'

Bruce Chapman, 'Long Term Unemployment: the Case for Policy Reform'

Bruce Prosser and Geoff Leeper, 'Housing Affordability and Changes to Rent Assistance'

Joanne van der Schoot, 'The Economic and Demographic Outlook for Social Security'

Social Security Notes

Ken Oliver, 'Microsimulation Modelling in Social Security'

Lisa Cahill, 'Data-Matching in the Social Security System'

Book Reviews

Addressing Inequality Amidst the Poverty of 'Trickle Down': Peter Saunders, Welfare and Inequality:National and International Perspectives of the Welfare State
Reviewer: Professor Terry Carney

Social Security - Challenges in the Decade to Come: Terry Carney and Peter Hanks, Social Security in Australia
Reviewer: Steve Spooner

Material Well-Being is More than Just Income: Peter Travers and Sue Richarson, Living Decently-Material Well-Being in Australia
Reviewer: Dr Deborah Mitchell

Language and Interpreting Skills are Applied in Complex Social Contexts: Kathy Laster and Veronica L. Taylor, Interpreters and the Legal System
Reviewer: Professor Loula Rodopoulos

Down-to-Earth Handbook Compliments Scholarly Tome: Peter Sutherland, The Annotated Social Security Act (2nd ed) and Michael Raper, Guide to the Social Security Act (2nd ed)
Reviewer: Michael Sassella

Social Security Statistics

DSS Clients, December 1992 and 1993
Job Search and Newstart Allowance Numbers: July 1992-May 1994


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