Social Security Journal - 1998 Issue No.2

This Social Security Journal is about the intersection of the labour market and the social security system, particularly as it relates to women of workforce age (that is, less than age pension age)

Major Articles

Jocelyn Pech and Helen Innes, 'Women in the Australian labour market 1966-96: the impact of change on the social security system'

Anthony Krieg and Anne Gregory, 'Assisting jobseekers with severe barriers to employment - an examination of the Jobseeker Support Panels program'

Helen Innes and Mark Warburton, 'Social security implications of microeconomic reforms - tariff reductions in the textile, clothing and footwear industry as a case study'

Kruno Kukoc, 'Insurance and social security: principles and practice'

David Ingles, 'Universal and selective benefits revisited: reflections on optimal rates of tax and tapers'

Peter Travers, 'Welfare dependence, welfare poverty and welfare labels'

Astrid Breuer, 'Distinctive features of social policy reform in the United States'

Social Security Notes

Cordelia Hull, 'Widening the horizons: Indigenous children, families, shared care and social security'

Jocelyn Pech and Frances McCoull, 'Transgenerational poverty and income support dependence in Australia: work in progress'

Suzanne Bozic, Astrid Breuer, Michael Fuery and Graeme Grant, 'Recent social security developments - United States, New Zealand & United Kingdom'

Book Reviews

H. Schofield (ed), Family caregivers: Disability, Illness and Ageing
Reviewer: Bridget Brooklyn

Michael Waring, Working in Community Services: Management and Practice
Reviewer: Belinda Coates

Steven Pinch, Worlds of Welfare: Understanding the Changing Geographies of Social Welfare Provisions
Reviewer: Astrid Breuer


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