Research News: Number 29




Author:  Australian Government Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs

FaCSIA Research News is a periodic newsletter that provides an overview of and update on research within FaCSIA, focusing on key findings and outcomes, updates on new departmental publications and promotion of forthcoming events/conferences

HILDA comes of age

The HILDA Survey is currently collecting its seventh wave of data. The Australian Government's confidence in the survey's continuing effectiveness is evidenced by the recent 2007-08 Budget announcement. In this Budget, the Government committed to continue HILDA through Waves 9 to 12, with new funds of $20.9 million over the next four years. This decision reflects its long-term commitment to the panel study and HILDA is now classified as an ongoing program.

Further funding brings greater opportunity and challenges. At the recent HILDA Survey research conference, a panel discussed the future of HILDA and the lessons to be learned from other established international panels. This article provides a summary of the key points of the discussion.

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