Australian Social Policy 2005 - Contents




Author:  Australian Government Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs

This publication contains current research and analysis on a broad range of issues topical to Australia's social policy and its administration.

Major Articles

  • Deriving a measure of financial hardship from the HILDA survey, by Peter Butterworth and Timothy Crosier
  • Understanding the factors associated with financial stress in Australian households, by Robert Breunig and Deborah Cobb-Clark
  • Australian intrastate migration—the story of Age Pensioners, by Nancy Marshall, Peter A. Murphy, Ian H. Burnley and Graeme J. Hugo
  • Australia's fertility: a HILDA survey based analysis, by Habtemariam Tesfaghiorghis
  • Stronger Families and Communities Strategy—Communities for Children, by Anne Davies and Carolynne Taylor
  • Interagency collaboration to support young people and build community partnerships: findings from an evaluation of the Innovative and Collaborative Youth Servicing pilots and related evaluations, by Bob Griffiths


Social Policy Notes

  • My experiences in the APS, changes in social policy and emerging issues, by Wayne Jackson

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