Australian Social Policy 2000 - Issue 1




Author:  Australian Government Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs

This publication contains current research and analysis on a broad range of issues topical to Australia's social policy and its administration.

Major articles

  • Geoff Maloney, Justin Marshall, Anne McConnell, Julie Elliot, Alastair Banks and Peggy Hausknecht, 'Retirement incomes of women who divorce'
  • Brian Nolan, 'Targeting Poverty - the Irish example'
  • Jocelyn Pech and Frances McCoull, 'Transgenerational welfare dependence: myths and realities'
  • David Rowlands, 'Purchaser - provider in social policy delivery: how can we evaluate the Centrelink arrangements?'

Social policy notes

  • Romaine Rutnam, Sarojini Martin-Murray and Nadine Smith, 'Using research to assist women with disabilities in Australia'

Book reviews

  • Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Decentralising Employment Policy: New Trends and Challenges (Reviewer: Graeme Grant)
  • Marilyn Poole and Susan Feldman (eds), A certain age: women growing older (Reviewer: Glenys McIver)
  • Blair Badcock and Andrew Beer, Home Truths: Property Ownership and Housing Wealth in Australia (Reviewer: Ralph Nicholls)
  • Robert Goodin, Bruce Headey, Ruud Muffels and Henk-Jan Dirven, The Real Worlds of Welfare Capitalism (Reviewer: Romaine Rutnam)
  • Zygmunt Bauman, Globalization: the human consequences (Reviewer: Paul Henman)
  • Peter Saunders (ed.), Reforming the Australian welfare state (Reviewer: Umme Salma) 

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