Australian Social Policy 1999 - Issue 2




Author:  Australian Government Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs

This publication contains current research and analysis on a broad range of issues topical to Australia's social policy and its administration.

Major articles

  • 'Family income support policy issues', by Alex Dolan.
  • 'Long-term unemployment: a statistical analysis of FaCS customers', by Mark Warburton, Alfred Opoku and Luat Vuong.
  • 'Social security reform in the Netherlands and the Dutch miracle: an overview', by Nathan Madigan.
  • 'Incapacity among unemployed customers: a statistical analysis', by Mark Warburton, Paul Martin, Adrian Read and Luat Vuong.

Social Policy Notes

  • 'Pensions and the demographic crisis: can building up pension funds help?', by Arthur Grimes, with a response by Nicholas Barr.
  • 'Henderson Poverty Line update', by Kim Bond, John Landt and Gwenda Robinson.
  • 'Parent support groups in Centrelink: findings of the evaluation of a trial', by Ann-Marie McNess and Philip Brown.
  • 'Our unstable Age Pension - a reply to Allison Barnes', by Michael Rice.

Book reviews

  • Fred Argy, Australia at the Crossroads: Radical Freemarket or a Progressive Liberalism?
    Reviewer: John Murray
  • Zygmunt Bauman, Work, Consumerism and the New Poor
    Reviewer: Paul Henman
  • Chris Trotter, Working with Involuntary Clients - A Guide to Practice
    Reviewer: Peter Humphries

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