Australian Social Policy 1999 - Issue 1




Author:  Australian Government Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs

This publication contains current research and analysis on a broad range of issues topical to Australia's social policy and its administration.

Special section: papers from the conference 'Income support, labour markets and behaviour: a research agenda'

  • Conference overview
  • 'Fundamentals of social security analysis', by Nicholas Barr.
  • 'Perspectives on Australian retirement income policy', by Hazel Bateman.
  • 'Modelling the incentive effects of alternative tax and transfer systems', by John Creedy and Peter Dawkins.
  • 'The impact of the Earned Income Tax Credit and other social policy changes on work and marriage in the United States', by David Ellwood.
  • 'Competing with Dad: changes in the intergenerational distribution of male labour market income', by R.G. Gregory.
  • 'The labour market, retirement and disability', by Joseph Quinn.
  • 'Household, individuals and low wages,' by Sue Richardson.

Other major articles

  • 'Institutional change in the APS—the case of DSS and Centrelink', by David Rowlands.
  • 'Understanding population ageing: a background paper', by Natalie Jackson.

Social policy notes

  • 'The Age Pension—is it really Australia's unstable pillar?', by Allison Barnes.

Book reviews

  • Marge Hauritz, Charles Samford and Sophie Blencowe (ed.), Justice with people with disabilities: legal and institutional issues
    Reviewer: Debbie O'Donoghue
  • Lois Bryson and Ian Winter, Social Change, Suburban Lives: An Australian Newtown, 1960s to 1990s
    Reviewer: Bridget Brooklyn

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