Responsible Economic Management - Concession Cards - retention while overseas 

Key elements

Concession Cards will now remain current when cardholders leave Australia for short periods. In most cases, where the card is linked to a payment, the period of portability will align with the period of payment portability, but for no more than 13 weeks. This means that for most payments when a customer returns from overseas they will not have to reclaim or re-apply for a concession card if the period of absence is no more than 13 weeks. If the card is a stand alone card such as a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card, the portability period will be the same as the general standard portability period for most income support allowances, currently 13 weeks.


Under existing provisions, concession cards issued by the Australian Government are cancelled if the cardholders travel overseas. Introducing portability of concession cards will reduce the administrative burden for the customer.


This measure will commence on 1 July 2008.

Total Government Funding

This measure is expected to deliver net savings of $17.2 million over five years through administrative efficiency.

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