Closing the Gap for Indigenous Australians - Northern Territory - School nutrition 

Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR)

Key Elements

The Australian Government has committed $7.4 million to fund the school nutrition program. The program provides breakfast and lunch to Indigenous school-aged children in remote communities.


The school nutrition program aims to improve school attendance and engagement by Indigenous school-aged children. Nutrition programs can boost attendance, and qualitative data shows that students who have consumed a meal before school are better able to concentrate and engage in their education.

It is expected that up to 10,000 Indigenous school-aged children and their parents will benefit from the program as it continues to be established in 67 schools in 73 remote Northern Territory (NT) communities. The program will also assist up to 270 Indigenous people offering local employment opportunities in the delivery and administration of the program.

The cost of meals will be met by parents through their income management contributions (or Centrepay or cash contributions). Assistance for infrastructure and other costs, including salaries for program employees, will be provided by the Australian Government.


The school nutrition program will continue to be implemented in parallel with implementation of income management measures, and in consultation with local schools, community leaders and NT education providers.

Total Government Funding

The Australian Government has committed total funds of $7.4 million in 2008 09. Further activity will be informed by the outcomes of the Northern Territory Emergency Response review later this year.

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